New Ratings

October 26, 2016
R4R Producers and Contestants,
We made an effort to move our numbers into the TRIAD system however they would like full control of our ratings. We believe that because we are a closed roping association that we should also remain in charge of our numbering. After discussing ratings and looking at statistics we have renumbered all of our ropers to be parallel but not identical to TRIAD numbers. We received some input from the competition committee and present you with the current numbers. We will now be going from #3 to #10 with a #2 reserved for those who have never won money on live cattle and are mainly comfortable roping the Heel O’Matic. Our anonymous competition committee will be meeting on a trimester basis in order to try and stay on top of numbers. If you have any grievances or recommendations please follow the R4R protocol of writing a letter to the secretary.
Thank you,
James and Remy Greer