A New R4R

Hey all,
Congratulations to all this weekend’s winners! We got to meet up with a lot of you this weekend at a great finals put on by Deven, Scott, Jeremy, Travis and Sue. We are super excited to see what the future has in store for R4R and the Southern California roping community in general. We know that there will be some growing pains this year as we try a few new things while still continuing in the same spirit as the founding four.
Firstly, we are going to go to a similar number system as TRIAD. Most ropers will see their numbers raised by two. We have been in contact with USTRC and TRIAD and are still trying to see how we can mesh our two systems together if at all possible. The two major downfalls of only using TRIAD is that we will lose autonomy over our numbers and everyone will have to purchase not only an R4R membership but a WSTR/USTRC membership as well. For now, we will renumber our ropers and continue to use a statistic based system. So do not worry if you see higher numbered pots on upcoming flyers as we are adjusting everyone.
Secondly, there will be more Heel O’Matic clinics and ropings coming to our local arenas. We hope to get first timers and youths involved so that we can grow our membership base. There will be a #2 qualification for beginners wishing to participate in the Heel O’Matic ropings. We are hoping to make a series out of the Heel O’Matic events with a year end prize line if we get enough participation.
Lastly, at least for now, there will be various saddles given away throughout the year from arena producers on the behalf of R4R. We are still trying to figure out the best way to structure these but each arena will be giving away a saddle throughout the year.
Please bear with us through this adjustment period. Deven, Scott, Jeremy, and Travis will still be around in a supporting manner and Sue will still be running the office—we are not trying to make big changes but just picking up where they left off. Remy and I are never more than a phone call or text away. Please feel free to contact us with whatever thoughts, concerns, or suggestions that you have.
James and Remy Greer
James 951.852.0606
Remy 951.473.4146