Letter to Members

Happy New Year Everyone from R4R!

We are having a great start to our season, the producers for R4R are really going all out with great prize lines and outstanding payoffs. I would like to remind our membership how fortunate we are as R4R members, to have the producers we have in our association. They work very hard to bring us our sport for a very affordable price. I ask that if you get a chance, please tell these folks how much we appreciate their efforts and support them as much as possible.

The relationship we all have as members, producers and association, is a special one. I roped competitively for too many years to mention, ok I will, it has been 40. During that time, I have belonged to many associations, some them great, some good, and some not so good. WE and I mean that when I say WE have one of the great ones. R4R has all the things every great roping association has.

PRODUCERS who make the regular season a success by MEMBERS to compete each and every week of the year, try to win year end awards. An Association that is able to produce one of the best finals anywhere in the United States. So good luck to everyone and have a great season!

Now a couple of business issues that need to be taken care of:

R4R now has a new website please take a look and there is a comment section if you have and suggestions we will remain in the mode to improve. WE have linked with the Facebook pages of our producers and hoping to use social media to help with the communication amongst the members and producers.

R4R will be having a Heelomatic division this year. Sponsored by A Cut Above Silver.

There have been some rule amendments made these, can be found on the website at Ropings4ropers.com under the rules tab. This is a list of the rules that have been amended:
B1: elimination of Day Passes
D1: included the 60 and above division
D2: states that website point totals are not official until final accounting
E1: states that producers can take up to 50% out for cattle and production plus prizes
E3: states that the 4% can also be used for promotion during the regular season and educational seminars.
F7: states that any roper 60 and over regardless of classification can tie on, if you are under 60 and been allowed to tie on before this at 55, you will be allowed to continue.
H2: states that a roper has 14 days to correct payoff errors.
J5: States that a crossfire will not be permitted and the animal must be in tow before the heel loop is released.

I want to thank you for your time and KEEP ROPING! ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS CATCH!

Scott Selland

President of R4R